My kids are a preschool girl who is almost 4 and her active toddler brother who turned 1 in January. In an effort to allow them at least some privacy in this digital age, I’ll refer to them as DD4 (aka Dear Daughter age 4) and DS1 (aka Dear Son age 1). If I post pictures of them, it will be mostly from the back or an obscured front shot.

DD4 loves all things princess, baby dolls, the colors pink and purple, and books, books, books. We call her our “book piggy” as she always asks for “one more, please!” She’d rather wear dresses or skirts than anything else, but doesn’t let that stop her from playing in the dirt, running, climbing or exploring. I’ve learned to be an expert in finding easily washable dresses ­čÖé ┬áShe loves flying and traveling and always asks when we’ll go on a plane again. She was 4 months old when we moved to New Delhi, India, and 2.5 when we returned to the US. She is excited about our upcoming move to Cairo, but doesn’t necessarily understand yet that it means leaving friends behind.

DS1 is turning into a rough and tumble little boy who tries his hardest to keep up with Big Sis and all her friends. He’s walking and starting to run and his favorite thing is escaping the baby gates to climb the stairs. At the playground he has no fear and climbs right up to the tallest slide before launching himself down it. He loves giving hugs, looking at books, making “vroom” sounds with his cars, and taking baths. He has his first plane trip coming up in April.

While my main job is Mama in Chief, I am also a photographer who specializes in travel, nature and landscape type photos. At least on the professional side. I take a ton of photos of my kids, my friends’ kids, family members’ weddings, and daily life. I have a photography blog where I tell the stories behind photos or give photography tips and a portfolio where I showcase my work and sell prints.

I love traveling, planning trips, and sharing my knowledge with others. Some might consider me a bit of an overplanner, but I love knowing all the details and having backup plans–something I consider critical with two little ones! I am definitely the trip planner in our household and my husband (aka DH aka Dear Husband) just expects me to tell him when and where we are doing each activity, trip, or event.

DH’s job is what allows us to live overseas so frequently. He works for the State Department and we are assigned to various embassies around the world. We were in New Delhi, India from late 2013-late 2015, came home to the US for some language training, and will head out to Cairo, Egypt this summer.

I hope this blog provides a little bit of everything travel related–tips for traveling with kids, cool photography from around the world, lots of travel and life related information for New Delhi and Cairo, plus some daily life posts. Please comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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