We have visas!

Wooo hooo! We have visas! That means we can actually do final prep for flights in a few days. It also means that I will probably be off line for a bit while we work to get internet connected in the house and get the kids over jet lag.

In the meantime, we’ve been having a great time with grandparents and friends. Did a long weekend down at Hubby’s folks’ house for Father’s Day weekend and even with DD fighting a fever all weekend, we had a good time. Always nice for new toys and new faces to pass time. DD was particularly excited to go pick out a new nightgown as she had outgrown hers. I bet you can guess what princess is on it!

Yesterday DD’s best friend from our last home came out with her  mom and sister to play. It was great and the girls fell immediately into their routines of shrieking and playing dress ups. DD even got to show her horsey friends.

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