Tour of 5 Maadi Shops: Best Kept Secrets

Tour of Maadi Shops: Some Best Kept Secrets in Cairo |

Today my Arabic teacher, Jehan, took me and another student on a driving tour of some of her favorite shops in Maadi where we can get needed supplies for cheaper prices than the shops that cater to foreigners charge. I love these sorts of insider tips!  I took photos so you can see some of the local shops and have google links to locations for those of you who are local. Scroll to the bottom of location information.

First up is a party supply shop very near Maadi Club. It has tons of plastic plates, cups of all shapes and sizes, individual food serving containers (like plastic pie slice containers), party decorations, napkins, etc. Very cheap.


These prices are for 100.  For example, LE95 or about $5 for 100 pie slice holders


Next we went to a local used bookstore that Jehan says is much much cheaper than the foreign bookstores. Since I don’t have access to a good library here for kid books, I am sure to be buying a lot of books. I am a bit of a book piggie like my kids! This one is on Rd 9 where a lot of foreigners shop, but farther down in a more local area of it. Stacks and stacks of books in English and Arabic for kids and adults. You have to be prepared to dig, but the owner speaks some English and you can ask him to find you titles. I am thrilled!


Our next stop was what she called an Egyptian Ikea, but I’d call it more like Egyptian Walmart. Many floors, everything from clothing, baby supplies, bikes, kid riding toys, suitcases, kitchen items, appliances, etc. Almost everything is imported from China and it is really cheap.


Across the street is a shop that carries office supplies and art supplies of all kinds–kind of a cross between Staples and Michael’s. Kid craft projects, paint, clay, papers of all types, even kid educational/school type books and school supplies and posters in Arabic and English. Plus tons of office supplies, including printer paper and ink. I can’t wait to stock up on supplies.


Our last stop was to have brunch at Hamasa, an Egyptian restaurant that is really cheap as it’s located in a more Egyptian residential area.  We had brunch for 3 including tea and tip for LE200, which is about $11. I loved the egg omelet we got, tried fava beans for the first time, and tried what Jehan called Egyptian nutella–local molasses (which tastes different than US molasses) mixed with tehini or sesame paste. You dip bread in it and it is sooooo good!  The restaurant also had a nice outside area and a small kid play area.


Store Information:

Party Supply Store-on Ahmed Zaki near Maadi Club-

Used Bookstore–on Rd 9 at the end past McDonalds at intersection with Rd 87–

Egyptian Ikea/Walmart-El Tawheed & El Nour-intersection of El Nasr Rd and St 279-

Stationery/Craft/Office Supply Shop-Samir and Aly-across from El Tawheed & El Nour-El Nasr Rd near St 279-

Restaurant-Hamasa-El Nasr near El Gazaer Square close to Samir and Aly-


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