Family Park, Cairo

All About Family Park, Cairo |

As the name of the park implies, Family Park is designed with the whole family in mind. It is huge, has 3 playgrounds, tons of grass, and lots of other activities like a small zoo, a train, a mini amusement park, theaters and more.

All About Family Park, Cairo | www.carriereedtravels.comFamily Park_Blog - 2

We went on a weekend morning and it was already full of families even though we arrived shortly after opening. It was easy to find and well-marked–always a plus! There is an entrance fee and a camera fee, which I found odd as you’re mostly taking pictures of your family. Security was fairly tight as well. All reminders that we’re not in Kansas anymore (not that we ever actually WERE in Kansas). Kids can bring in scooters and small bikes, but they don’t allow balls. Ours was actually confiscated, though we did get it back when we left. Most parks here we’re discovering don’t allow things like balls. I guess it’s to prevent people bothering others?

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Anyway, it was a fairly hot morning so our focus was getting a quick overview of the park and playing on the playgrounds some. There are three playgrounds. The first one (if you head counterclockwise like we did) is the smallest. It had some fun spinning contraptions the kids loved. Plus some cool slides that were anything but cool in the heat as they were made from metal. We didn’t spend much time there before heading on to the next playground that was definitely the most popular.

All About Family Park, Cairo |
Playground 1

This one, the Lotus Playground, was bigger and had a ton of climbing and swinging items. Most things weren’t great for DS as he was too little to climb them despite his best efforts. But they did have baby swings and he liked the little house under a playset. We also found a shady spot for a snack, which both kids always enjoy. DD4 loved all the climbing things and any kid who is energetic or a big climber is sure to adore them. It also all looked very safe and well planned.

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DS loved finding a car to touch and look at and then we headed past a large observation tower and some beautiful grass. You get so used to sand and dirty here that grass is worth mentioning!  There was a history museum, but it wasn’t open and I don’t actually know if it is currently open or not period. Then we found the third and largest playground, the Up and Down Playground. No one was on it, which surprised me. It is way in the back and not as easily accessible. We didn’t play on it as the kids were getting hot, but it looked very cool with lots of things to climb.

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We had arrived just after 9 when the park opens. But the food vendors, amusement park, train, etc didn’t seem to start opening up til 11 or later. Behind the zoo and near the Up and Down Playground were about 6 military vehicles displayed. They had ladders on them so you could climb up to see the tank, fighter jet, armored vehicles, etc. The zoo is small and had monkeys, ostriches, emus, deer, camels, horses (donkeys? can’t remember), and birds. We left before trying the rides, but they looked fun for kids.

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Walking around the grounds was beautiful.  You can bring a picnic or buy food on grounds.  We definitely plan to go back and explore in more depth once the weather cools off.

Practical Information

How to Get There-There is a large parking lot or it is easy to reach by taxi. It is north of New Cairo and just off Suez Rd.  From Old Maadi it took 35 minutes on a Friday morning (no traffic). The park is well marked.

Cost–We paid LE50 per adult. Kids were free (4 and 1). Older kids have a cost, though I’m not sure the amount.

Camera Fee-Yes, and this bothered me as you’re photographing your family. Cell phones wouldn’t have a charge, but my DSLR was LE50.

Food/Drink?–You can bring your own, or buy inside the park. A friend said sometimes you’re charged for bringing food, but we brought in substantial snacks in my purse and no one said anything at security (and they did catch my camera and make us go buy a camera ticket).  Food sold in the park doesn’t open until 11 or noon.

Bathrooms-Yes, they have them all over. The first one we tried was locked, but the second one was open, clean, and had soap.  No toilet paper, but I always bring that.

Of Note–Playgrounds are best for ages 4 and up I think unless your younger kids are really good climbers.  No balls allowed on grounds, but small scooters and bikes are allowed and the paths are great.

Website–The website is in Arabic, but the google translate website feature works fairly well.

All About Family Park, Cairo |
While you can’t see the details in the photo, you can see that the park is large, has some great water features, and plenty of paths and grass
Screenshot 2017-10-01 20.43.50
Family Park’s location off Suez Rd north of New Cairo in Al Rehab

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