Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo

Guide to Visiting the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo |

Checked out the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo on my own and it is a gem! WOW it is an amazing museum. It was closed for 3 years for renovations and repairs after it was bombed in 2014 and reopened January 2017. The layout flows beautifully with rooms clearly marked so visitors can easily move in chronological order through the rooms to see everything. After the chronological rooms it moves into themed rooms covering topics like Islamic Art in other regions, coins, tapestries, calligraphy, art outside, art in medicine, etc.

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Map of the Museum. The rooms on the right are chronologically based and the rooms on the left are theme based.

Guide to Visiting the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo | www.carriereedphotos.comIslamicArtMuseum_Blog - 87IslamicArtMuseum_Blog - 48IslamicArtMuseum_Blog - 40

The rooms are spacious and well designed. It is easy to see everything and soak up the art. There is only a small fraction of the museum’s pieces displayed, but honestly I’d rather see less and focus on the best than have to dig through thousands of pieces. The labels and signs are in English and Arabic, though some labels do not have everything translated into English. Still, there was plenty of information including large signs at the entrance to each room that explains the context or history of the room.

IslamicArtMuseum_Blog - 5
Signage like this was through the museum directing you

IslamicArtMuseum_Blog - 27IslamicArtMuseum_Blog - 28IslamicArtMuseum_Blog - 29

IslamicArtMuseum_Blog - 30
Great courtyard on the side of the building with a tiny gift shop

Photos don’t really do it justice, as many pieces were behind glass and therefore there is some glare in the photos. It really is a lovely place and if you get there before the school groups, it is peaceful as well. During my visit, it didn’t start getting crowded with school groups until 10:45.

It really is a great complement to the better known Egyptian Museum, which focuses on Ancient Egypt and Pharoah-centric artifacts.

Practical Information

Location? Islamic Cairo on Port Said near Khan el Khalili and Abdeen Palace

Cost? LE50 for foreign adults

Camera Fee? LE50 and they make you wear a necklace indicating you paid

Toilets? Yes, good ones in the back left. Attendant, so have a coin to give. She provides TP if you don’t have any.

Food/Drinks Allowed? Sold?  Not sold and the sign said not allowed in bags, but my granola bar and water bottle were not confiscated. They do have a bag check if you have items taken.

Stroller Friendly? Yes, once you get inside. There is about a half flight of stairs up to the entrance. Inside it is all one floor with wide aisles. There appeared to be a wheel chair accessible entrance to the right of the main entrance.

Parking? No. It is right on busy Port Said, where there is no street parking either. You would potentially find street parking behind the building or on a nearby street.


If you have a chance to go, just skip the photos below and see it in person! But if you can’t visit, enjoy all my photos!

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