Hiking in Wadi Degla, Cairo with Kids

Wadi Degla, Cairo Hike with Kids | www.carriereedtravels.com
Can you spot the tiny pyramids in the distance?

We did a lovely short hike today with another family. I love exploring with other families with kids similar ages, as it helps entertain the kids and we all move at the same slow pace! We’re very lucky to be good friends with a family where DH and I are good friends with the parents, DD is best friends with their 4 year old, and DS is becoming good friends with their 18 month old girl (In the beginning the two of them mostly just yanked toys from each other and screamed, but now they actually play together!).

Wadi Degla, Cairo Hike with Kids | www.carriereedtravels.com

Wadi Degla, Cairo Hike with Kids | www.carriereedtravels.com
Being a desert, there’s not much green

Wadi Degla is just about a 15 minute drive from our house. It’s also right by the commissary, so that makes it convenient for stocking up too. The route is well marked to the Wadi Degla Protectorate Area, though once you pass the Wadi Degla Club, the road gets pretty rough. They have a large parking lot, that was already filling up when we got there about 10. However, the nature area is large enough that it didn’t matter. Some people had brought ATVs and motor bikes, and you can also bring dogs and regular bikes. I saw a mix of locals and foreigners, young and old.

After getting our tickets (just about 30 cents an adult!), we headed off. It was our first time at Wadi Degla, though our friends had been several times before. We decided on a trail they hadn’t done before. We walked a ways down the dirt road (cars can go on it, so we did have to move to the side periodically) and the girls loved running all over collecting rocks. The toddlers were in hiking backpack carriers on their daddies.

Wadi Degla, Cairo Hike with Kids | www.carriereedtravels.comWadi Degla, Cairo Hike with Kids | www.carriereedtravels.com

It was pretty chilly for Cairo–wind chill this morning was 44! It was windy and chilly while hiking, so I was definitely glad for my winter coat and hat. Eventually we veered off the road to head up a trail to the top of the mountain. The girls had a bit of a rough time, partially because their sneakers didn’t have a lot of traction and partially because it was steep and high. But they got up and no one fell off a ledge!

The top was super windy. Kids ran around a bit, but soon got hungry and cold. We headed back down our same route. It looked like you could have kept walking, but we wanted a shorter return. At the base, we played briefly at two game areas–one a small maze the girls loved running through, and the other a bulls eye rock toss.

IMG_7747Wadi Degla, Cairo Hike with Kids | www.carriereedtravels.comWadi Degla, Cairo Hike with Kids | www.carriereedtravels.comIMG_7761Wadi Degla, Cairo Hike with Kids | www.carriereedtravels.com

There is a lot more to Wadi Degla that we didn’t explore, but it is a very convenient hiking spot for anyone living in Maadi. Our kids really enjoyed it!

Practical Information:

What is it?  Nature area where you can hike, ride bikes, run, ride ATVs (your own) and take in desert nature

Location? New Maadi. Once you pass the Wadi Degla Club, the road gets much more rough. https://goo.gl/maps/MYXBcud2mrT2

Cost? 5le per adult

Camera Fee? no

Toilets? At entrance

Food/Drinks Allowed? Sold?  None sold, but you can bring your own. Bring plenty of water, especially in the summer.

Stroller Friendly? Nope! It is a dirt road and then trails up mountains. Bring a carrier for littles.

Parking? Yes, a large parking lot

Notes: It is a fun hike with a range of options. Staying on the dirt road is the flattest and easiest. Then there are trails up the mountains-some are easier than others. The trail on the right shortly after entering labeled “bike trail” goes uphill, but is easier than the trail farther down on the left that we did that is very rocky and uneven. There is zero shade, so in the summer it is very hot. It was very windy and chilly when we went. We went with 2 four year olds who hiked the whole thing, but needed help on one trail as we picked a rock scrambling one. The toddlers walked on the flat road and went in hiking framed carriers for the mountain part. If you stay on the road, there is a small area on the left down a ways that has a little maze and a rock toss game our kids liked. Plus if you get up high enough you can see the pyramids!


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