Horseback Riding at Abusir Pyramids

Horseback Riding Near Abusir Pyramids with Kids |

Riding camels or horses at the Pyramids of Giza is a classic activity when visiting or living in Cairo. But if you’re looking for something more relaxing without the hawkers or chaos, consider riding from one of the stables at Abusir. We go riding at KFB Stables, so this will be about their stable.

KFB Stables is the sister stable to FB Stables at the Giza, whom we also recommend. The horses at KFB Stables are very well cared for and look like your typical Western horse. Karen runs this stable and she’s very personable and helpful. The stables are open daily, but I highly suggest texting or calling ahead of time to make sure they have horses available (+20 122 346 2655). This is a typical horse barn, not a tourist site. They have bathrooms, a rooftop patio and some benches and a table near the stalls.

Horseback Riding Near Abusir Pyramids with Kids |www.carriereedtravels.comHorseback Riding Near Abusir Pyramids with Kids |

They have a range of horses to fit all levels of riding. We went with 2 adults, 2 four year olds, and 2 toddlers. The 4 year olds were on their own horses on lead ropes with a worker holding both lead ropes and riding between them. Another worker held one toddler in front of him while riding and I wore my son while riding. If you request, they will provide helmets, though finding small enough ones for the toddlers was difficult.

The ride started off down the country road and then we headed out into the desert around the Abusir Pyramids. These pyramids are smaller, less significant and poorer quality than the other pyramids in the area. They’re located just north of the Saqqara pyramids. They were however the site of the largest Old Kingdom papyri find. Still, riding across the desert on horseback with the pyramids in the backdrop is quite fun.

Horseback Riding Near Abusir Pyramids with Kids |www.carriereedtravels.comIMG_7254Horseback Riding Near Abusir Pyramids with Kids |

It’s all desert, so you can ride as long or as short as you want to. We rode until two of the kids started fussing and then turned back. We’d packed a picnic lunch and ate it by the stalls before visiting all the horses–including several foals and miniature horses. So adorable!!

KFB Stables does not do lessons. If you’re looking for lessons, check out Sunset Stables just a few minutes down the street.

Horseback Riding Near Abusir Pyramids with Kids |www.carriereedtravels.comHorseback Riding Near Abusir Pyramids with Kids |

Practical Information

Location: KFB Stables is very near Abusir Pyramids, just south of the Saqqara Country Club and Al Sorat Farm. In fact, when navigating there, put Saqqara Country Club as your destination in your gps.  Once you reach the country club, then put in KFB Stables. Otherwise, you will end up on some very small roads and alleyways.

Contact Information: Karen–+20 122 346 2655. Call or message using Whatsapp

Cost: 200 le adults per hour and 150 le kids on their own horse. Kids sharing a horse don’t cost extra.  Plus tip the helpers (25-50le/hr/person)

Bathrooms-yes, there is a bathroom upstairs on the roof patio

Food/Drinks-bring your own and have a picnic at the table and chairs near the horse stalls or up on the roof

Parking-There is parking in front of the gate to the stables

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