Orman Botanical Garden Show

Each spring in March and April, Orman Botanical Garden puts on a massive flower and garden show. Vendors, nurseries, florists, and gardeners from all over Greater Cairo to sell their flowers, plants, trees, and garden accessories. It was an amazing place to walk around, take photos, and enjoy all the flowers. I don’t have much outdoor space of my own, so I didn’t make any purchases but it was fun seeing it all.

Practical Information:

Parking–limited parking inside event (fills up early) and street parking. We hired a car to drop us off.

Location–Near Giza Zoo and Dokki, on the Giza side of the Nile just across from Rhoda Island.

Hours–Finding specific timing was hard. It is definitely open by 10 am, but some websites I saw 8 or 9 am listed.

Entry Fee–2 le

Camera Fee–5 le

Bathrooms–Not explicitly marked, but I think there were some in the middle.

Buying Items–if you buy plants or supplies, there are men with wheelbarrows you can hire to follow you around with your items.

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