Karnak Temple Scavenger Hunt for Kids (Luxor, Egypt)

Karnak Temple Scavenger Hunt for Kids in Luxor, Egypt | www.carriereedtravels.com

When traveling with little kids, keeping them interested in the sites can be a challenge especially for a trip centered around sightseeing. Scavenger hunts can be great fun for kids of all ages and gives them a purpose on the trip.

Before our Tanzanian safari, I created a scavenger hunt with photos and names of animals and trees for my daughter (age 5) to use when searching for animals. She was so excited to mark off each one and it really kept her engaged!

After my second trip to Luxor, I made this scavenger hunt with photos I took at Karnak Temple. Simply download and print the pdf (it is 3 pages, plus a cover page). Then put it on a clip board and tie a pencil to it (so it doesn’t get lost). As you explore, encourage your child to check off what they see. Some only appear once, and some (like the hieroglyphs) appear many times.


Keep a tally of how many you see of each hieroglyph (such as how many bee carvings)

Take a photo of each one when you find it

Karnak Temple Kid Scavenger Hunt


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