Homeschooling in Turkey

So this year has been a bit of a schooling adventure for us as I am homeschooling our 6 year old daughter. Our son is in a preschool during the day, which is the only reason why I think I can accomplish this! I give mad props to those who homeschool multiple kids or do it with a baby or toddler at home!

Homeschooling is illegal for Turkish citizens, and not very common with foreigners here. I’m the only American family I know doing it. We are starting to get into a rhythm with it now that DS is settled with preschool (which is all day, every day here). He likes going to play each day and we all like the flexibility of traveling.


We don’t have a dedicated homeschool space, but I currently use our bookshelves to store supplies and our fridge and freezer as display and work space! Love magnetic everything!

IMG_4390 2

Some things we have been enjoying:

DD’s reading is really exploding and along with lots of at-her-level books (between Amazon and a good local bookstore that carries books in English along with Turkish I have access to a lot), we really like the Raz Kids website and app. I can set which level and which books I want her reading, and then she can use my i-pad to listen to the book, read the book aloud, and take a short comprehension quiz on it.

BitsBox Subscription–This is a monthly coding subscription box where she learns different ways to code apps and play around with them. She loves it and asks to do it daily. We get the box in the mail, but there is an all digital version for cheaper as well.

IMG_4388 2

BrainPop Jr–Lots of fun videos on a range of topics. I typically set the ones I want her to watch based on our curriculum. It includes a short quiz at the end. She also likes exploring other topics that interest her, or doing some of the extra activities related to the videos.

Keyboarding Without Tears–This is an online typing program that works through games and activities while teaching typing and early reading skills.

Writing stories! She’s been working on a version of The Three Little Pigs called the Three Little Alicorns and the Big Bad Girl.


We do lots of math games and have enjoyed doing graphing questions–we post a question on my personal Facebook page and family and friends answer and then DD graphs the answers various ways. Fun way to get bigger numbers when you’re not in a full size classroom and school!




  1. Hello. Where do you live in Turkey? We live in Canada now but planning to go back to Turkey next year and do homeschooling. I am surprised that HS is allowed in Turkey. I have dual citizenship and if that works I would like to do it as well. cheers


    • We are in Ankara. Homeschooling is allowed for foreigners and not allowed for Turkish citizens. I would assume you’d fall under the Turkish citizen category given your dual citizenship, but do not know for sure. There is not much of a homeschooling community and few kid activities are planned during the day because most are in school.


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