Zafer and İsmet İnönü Parks, Ankara

Playground at Zafer Park

Today we took a homeschooling field trip to two new parks for us. I hadn’t realized it would be two parks, but as we were exploring, we saw another one across the street and checked it out too! These parks are near 365 AVM, about halfway between Oran and Ikea. We really enjoyed them and plan to go back!

Zafer Park is larger, and was our original destination. It has a large, fenced-in playground (2 openings), with some very creative climbing structures, tight ropes, bridges, obstacle courses, swings, slides, and more. The base is a fine rock/sand type mix. You will get a bit dusty. There are plenty of benches, but no shade.

The rest of the park has an 800m track with a pebble side and a more traditional track side. Lots of people were walking on it this morning. There are picnic tables with shade awnings throughout, as well as exercise equipment, some fountains, and a basketball court. There also appeared to be a fenced in dog exercise area, though there was no sign, so I can’t be sure. There are two parking lots, plus street parking. I imagine it gets full on weekends with Turks picnicking, but a weekday morning there was plenty of space.

There were a number of stray dogs in the park and in the playground area. Probably about 8 in the playground area itself. They were all sleeping and did not notice or care about the kids. However, one was sleeping at the base of a slide and one was sleeping in front of the gate to enter the playground area. So you would need to be careful kids don’t land on/step on the dogs.

Below you can scroll through some more pictures from Zafer Park.

Across 451 Cd, there is İsmet İnönü Park near 365 AVM. It has Route Restaurant. We didn’t eat there, but it was large, with lots of covered outdoor seating and seemed to have full cooking abilities. Definitely served drinks, ice cream, and gozleme. I believe they served other food as well. Nice view with a moat-type water feature.

Edit: 8/28/2021: Recently went back to the park and ate Turkish Breakfast (Khavalti) at Route Restaurant. Kids had gozleme and DH and I split the breakfast spread. Both were quite yummy. The lemonade was also good. Restaurant is fully covered with a roof, but has open walls and ceiling fans for good circulation, temperature control, and Covid ventilation.

The playground at İsmet İnönü Park was smaller, but fun. It was very different from the one at Zafer Park, so worth it to go to both. More castle-like in appearance, with rails and solid wood steps. Easier for smaller kids than the one at Zafer. The ground is more pebbly and less sandy.

This park also has some water features, but it is built on a hill and we did not go down to see them. Below you can scroll through some pictures from İsmet İnönü Park.

If you want to be close to both parks, I’d park in this parking lot. But anywhere around Zafer Park is convenient. We parked on 429 Sk on the southern side of Zafer Park and found that very easy to get from/to the main road. I’d suggest against parking on 436 Sk at the northern side of İsmet İnönü Park as it is an uphill walk to the rest of the park and to Zafer Park.

There were bathrooms at both parks.

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