Safa Park and Playground, Ankara

We try to do a field trip each week to a different spot. These days with trying to be outside as much as possible to avoid Covid, we are focusing on parks and playgrounds. Some weeks we go to a large park with a lot to do, and some weeks it is a smaller one with just a playground. A few weeks ago we went to Safa Park. This was actually my second time there. The first time I took my daughter in January while her brother was in school. We played, but on the way to the car, I stepped in a hole and twisted my right ankle pretty badly. Pretty sure that driving the 15 minutes home was worse than labor! I definitely used the same breathing techniques.

This time, though, the visit was uneventful and I avoided all injuries! Safa Park has a nice playground. The kids particularly enjoyed the rope tunnel and the small, ride-on airplane. There are trees around the playground, which do provide shade to some of the benches.

The rest of the park has benches and paths. There is a fountain near the top (the park is on a hill). The park ends at a mosque, which provides a pretty background. Scooters would work at the park, and smaller bikes perhaps. There are a lot of steps, but also ramps. It’s not a huge park, so plan on a shorter visit.

Parking is street parking, but we have found easy parking on Budapeşte Cd both times. It is the smaller side street off of Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Cd. I did not see any bathrooms at the park.

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