Göreme, Cappadocia Visit #3! Love Valley Hike

On our previous two visits to Cappadocia, we had gone up to the overlook/ridge above Love Valley to watch hot air balloons in the early morning. This time, we did a day time hike through Love Valley.

You have two options. For a longer hike, park along the main road and hike in along the dirt road or cut through the fields like we did. For a shorter hike, you can drive all the way back to the main rock structures deeper into the valley. It is a dirt road, so definitely consider weather when driving it. The entrance to the dirt road is about here. If parking on the main road, park a little northwest of the dirt road entrance. Love Valley is between two ridges and you hike (or drive) in a ways to get to the fairy chimneys and interesting rock structures.

We hiked across the fields
This place presumably sold drinks, I think? Or was it someone’s home? Or both?

We hiked in along a dry creek bed and found grapes and other produce growing, After exploring the area, we went over to the dirt road and followed it back to the fairy chimneys. The fairy chimneys are upright columns, rounded on top. They weather and erode over the years and the harder rock remains. This whole area used to be volcanic. I was even able to FaceTime my mom from the valley and show her and my stepdad the cool rocks!

We hiked out along the road and went back to our car. It’s a fairly easy hike, especially if you take the road in and out. No bathrooms except for nature! There was a little cafe type shack, though I have no idea what all it offered.

Fairy chimneys!!

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  1. […] Round out the hiking with a walk through Love Valley. You can make it a longer hike by parking on the main road and hiking the whole way in and out. Or you can drive in and park and then do a shorter exploration hike. The dirt road into the valley starts here. If you did the sunrise viewing, this is the valley the balloons flew over. Blog is here. […]


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