Türkpusat Geleneksel Savaş Pusatları Müzesi in Ulus, Ankara, Turkey

This morning we took a trip up to the Türkpusat Geleneksel Savaş Pusatları Müzesi in Ulus. This is a small, private traditional Turkish weapons and archery museum. It’s only one room and not very big, but my 6 year old son LOVED it. He is already asking to go back!

It’s open daily except Mondays and you buy your tickets in the cafe next door. Our tickets were 20tl for adults and 5 tl for students (free under 5). Given the 14 tl to $1 exchange rate right now, that’s really cheap! The woman in the cafe then called someone to come open the museum. It doesn’t get a lot of traffic, so the doors only open when someone wants to enter. The cafe is cute and has games, or has outdoor seating while you wait.

Inside, DS was THRILLED to learn he could touch, pick up, hold, and examine the spears, swords, axes, arrows, hats, and other weapons. He kept repeating how most museums don’t let you touch. He can’t wait to go again.

It doesn’t take very long to visit, so combine with something else in Ulus. It’s right across from the Anatolian Civilization Museum, or do like we did and go up to visit the castle walls and then have lunch. We ate at Kınacızade Konağı in their large garden space. We both had Kaşarlı Gözleme and tea (me black and him apple). The restaurant handled the chaos of 20 adults and kids in our homeschool group well.

Parking in Ulus–we park at this lot here. It’s cheap (10 tl for 1-4 hours). Still plenty of space at 10 am when we arrived on a Tuesday, but was full by 1 pm when we left. So get there early if you want to park.

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