Kids on Safari: Siringit Serengeti Camp, Tanzania Review

Kids on Safari: Siringit Serengeti Camp, Tanzania Review |

Our favorite stay during our safari was luckily also our longest–3 nights at Siringit Serengeti Camp. It was luxurious and relaxing and they loved the kids. We’d have stayed longer if we could have!

Kids on Safari: Siringit Serengeti Camp, Tanzania Review |
The canvas on each side of the tent rolled up to reveal mesh windows for light and air. We’d roll them down for privacy or at night for safety

This was glamping (glamorous camping) to the extreme. While the walls and roofs of the tents were canvas, we had raised wooden floors, real bathrooms with hot running water and a shower, and very comfortable beds. We had power 24/7 from solar panels with generator back up. Outlets were such that a variety of plug shapes would fit, so we didn’t need adapters.

Kids on Safari: Siringit Serengeti Camp, Tanzania Review |
We pushed these two beds closer together and DS2 slept in the middle between us.
Blog Siringit - 3
DD5’s bed

Kids on Safari: Siringit Serengeti Camp, Tanzania Review |

The camp had no mosquitoes or biting flies and amazing views of the Serengeti. We could watch gazelle, zebra, hyenas, birds and more from our porches. Sunsets were beautiful and one night the zebra even dutifully lined up for a photo. It was so peaceful to sit out on your porch and watch the view or read a book.

In the bathroom there was shampoo, soap, bath gel, and (I think) conditioner. There was also a hair dryer. They provided drinking water in bottles and jugs in the bathroom and the bedroom and refilled them regularly. They also had a little container with cookies–popular with the kids! We requested extra cookies to take with us on game drives to bribe DS2 as needed and they were happy to do so.

The camp offered laundry services, though at $2-3.50 per piece we found it a bit pricy. I’d brought powdered laundry soap with me, so just washed clothes myself in the sink the first night and let them dry. We had twine with us, but I’d suggest a travel clothesline (the twisty type that doesn’t require clothespins would work great). And don’t forget a small scrub brush like I did–it’s hard to wash clothes with just your hands if you don’t have a scrubber!

The center of camp had a reception tent with wifi and comfortable seating. Wifi sometimes reached a few of the rooms, but mostly you needed to go to reception to use it. But it was fast–my mom had better wifi with her iPad here than at my house in Cairo!

Kids on Safari: Siringit Serengeti Camp, Tanzania Review |

Next to the reception tent was the dining tent. Here we had our meals. And what delicious meals they were! They checked for allergies upon arrival and were conscientious about R’s cheese allergy. Dinner each night was a set menu without choices–so be sure to state up front any preferences! The adults had tomato soup, stuffed pepper with lentils and mozzarella as a starter, and lamb with mashed potatoes, green beans, and carrots. Creme brulee was dessert. The kids had spaghetti and meatballs.

The second night we had beet root soup, calamari with peanuts, roast pork with rice and ratatouille, and an apple raisin pastry. Interestingly, the kids weren’t offered another option but they luckily enjoyed the pork and rice.  The third night we had French onion soup, beef and veggie skewers, fish with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables in sauce.

Kids on Safari: Siringit Serengeti Camp, Tanzania Review |

Lunches we had boxed lunches two days and hot lunch at camp one day. The boxed lunches were the only disappointing part of Siringit. We had juice, water, a sandwich, hard boiled egg, and a banana. The first day the sandwich was chicken salad, which half the group doesn’t like. The second day was a plainer chicken sandwich. The boxed lunches were way less plentiful than the other camps’ and DH and our driver were left hungry. I’d request extra food and give guidance as to what you want in them. They were very happy to follow requests.

Hot lunch was delicious. We had butternut squash soup that was AMAZING, rolls, chicken breast sandwich with salad, and fruit. Breakfast each morning we had a cold buffet with cereal, bread, cold deli platter, juices, tea, and coffee. Then they made eggs and bacon to order. They also made pancakes for the kids each day. In addition, you could request coffee and/or tea to arrive at your tent as a wake up call in the morning! A hot beverage on your porch watching the Serengeti wake up!

Kids on Safari: Siringit Serengeti Camp, Tanzania Review |

Each evening they had a camp fire with beverages (wine, beer, soda, juice) and some light snacks prior to dinner. It was a fun time to talk with other guests and the staff. One night the Maasai guards did a dance for us. It was very pleasant and they had blankets for each chair in case you got chilly. Temperatures did drop a bit as the sun set and we all used sweatshirts.

We did a game drive the day we arrived and another full day game drive the next day (about 8 hours). The day after that, we decided to do a short game drive (3 hours) late morning and have a leisurely start to the day and have hot lunch at camp. This also allowed DS2 to get a real nap in rather than short naps in the jeep and allowed us some relaxation time on the porch. It was a good break halfway through our safari.

In terms of kid safety, during daylight hours we needed to be watchful but could walk around unescorted. We let the kids play on our porch without us, but since the front flaps were rolled up, we could see them from inside. They were not allowed off the porch without an adult and followed that rule well.

Blog Siringit - 7Kids on Safari: Siringit Serengeti Camp, Tanzania Review |

At night, all visitors had to be escorted due to the potential for animals. L and R heard hyenas and lions go through the camp as night. We didn’t hear it in our tent as we brought our noise machine to help recreate the home sleep environment for the kids. If wild animal noises at night would bother you, bring a white noise machine!

When we departed camp, all the staff came to see us off and sing!

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