Nezir Büyükcengiz Park, Ankara

We’ve passed the playground at this park for a whole year before we ended up scheduling a play session there! The park itself is not very big with the only three offerings being a playground, an exercise equipment area, and a small track that was filled with morning walkers.

The playground was fun. I think my kids’ favorite piece of equipment was the spinning seat. There was also a rope climbing cone and the playground itself. Plus, of course, swings. The interesting thing about swings in Turkey is that most of them have a safety bar across the front and a raised back. This works great for toddlers and preschoolers, but is a lot more awkward for older kids who can pump their own legs and want to swing independently. DD6 can mostly make it work, but it is much harder than the traditional backless/frontless swings we are used to.

I found easy street parking on Buhara Sokağı. There is a large dirt field next to it that we flew our kite in. It was rocky and filled with weeds, so would not be great for sports. The trees around the park gave us a bit of shade. No bathrooms.

Probably not worth a long trek if you live elsewhere, but if you live nearby, it is a good destination.

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