Ahlatlıbel Atatürk Park

In August we went back to one of our favorite parks, Ahlatlıbel Atatürk Park, which has a great playground and lots of areas to explore. The last time we went, it was snowy so we didn’t explore everywhere. This time it was sunny and summer.

We started at the playground. The kids enjoy the snake-type rope structure the best as it swings back and forth. There is also a large spinning circle ride, a climbing down, built in mini trampolines, and various playground structures.

Then we set off to explore the park. There is a lot of grass with trees and families having picnics. There is also a forest area we wandered through before making our way to the track for a walk. Nice track for walking, running, or biking.

Near the parking lot, along the track, is a large area of exercise equipment. One of the largest set ups I’ve seen at a park. There is also a basketball court.

We ended our outing buying a kite at one of the little shops and flying it in the field.

The park has bathrooms, several cafes, a few small stall shops, and plenty of parking.

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