Luxor Temple: A Second Visit

Luxor Temple: A Guide to My Second Visit |

During my November visit to Luxor I toured Luxor Temple for a second time. In India we rarely visited places twice due to the size of the country. But with Egypt being much smaller and some places being off limits to US Embassy families due to threat risks, we do repeat certain places. All domestic flights being under 1.5 hours from Cairo is a plus too.

Luxor Temple: A Guide to My Second Visit |
The Avenue of Sphinxes connects Luxor and Karnak Temples. It originally had 730, but only 58 remain. It was built around 370 BC.

Luxor Temple: A Guide to My Second Visit |

Luxor Temple: A Guide to My Second Visit |
Chapel of Serapis and Isis

Luxor Temple has the advantage over Karnak Temple when it comes to evening hours. Karnak Temple closes at 5 to allow prep for the Sound and Light Show (which is the only way to see it at night). But Luxor Temple is open late. My favorite time to arrive is about an hour before sunset. Then you can walk around in daylight hours and get the lovely low sunlight. Once the sun sets, they turn on lights all over the temple and it’s like a whole different place. You could easily spend another 30-60 minutes wandering around the illuminated temple

Blog Photos_Luxor Temple Nov - 4Blog Photos_Luxor Temple Nov - 17Luxor Temple: A Guide to My Second Visit | www.carriereedtravels.comLuxor Temple: A Guide to My Second Visit |

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Blog Photos_Luxor Temple Nov - 9
White limestone statues of gods Amun and Mut in Amenophis III’s great colonnade

Blog Photos_Luxor Temple Nov - 16

Blog Photos_Luxor Temple Nov - 3
This high door used to be at ground level when dirt reached all the way up to the mosque of Abu al-Haggag
Blog Photos_Luxor Temple Nov - 10
Apse with two Corinthian columns. Religious center of the Roman castrum

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